GPS Max Speed Logger

Hi, I'm new to this form and I am looking for some advice on how to get started with this project. So I would like to have an Arduino Nano log the max speed of my RC car via a GPS module. I have basic Arduino knowledge so I need help on getting started with the code, what GPS module to get, what library to use, and where I would go to view my Top Speed.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out.


My approach would be to install a GPS board and a Bluetooth module on the car (no Nano or other microprocessor board). With this arrangement you can transmit the GPS output to a laptop. On the laptop I would run the u-center software which will process all the GPS data and give you live displays of data such as speed and a complete record of your car's trip that you can replay and process as you wish.

This approach means easy componentry and no custom programming. The power supply to the GPS and BT modules would be the most challenging electronics.

BT does have a low range -- nominally 10m, but more than that in the open.


I've used a NEO-6M as GPS and it outputs speed and a lot more.

I would caution that - especially over short distances - the speed readings from GPS will vary a bit so you need to average out a few readings before you have any accurate estimate to call "maximum".