GPS Module LS20031


I'm trying to use the LS20031 GPS module that I bought at Sparkfun ( When I trying reading some data from it, I receive nothing. First I thought the GPS has no fixed location, but the red LED on the module is flashing, which indicates it has a fix. Also, when using the program MiniGPSv1.4 it tells me that the module is no fix..

Someone had the same problem or knows what to do?


Have you tried the tutorial on there is a very simple test and quite detailed instructions to follow.

Yes, did the same.

The 'Quick test' in the tutorial works for me.. But when I use the TinyGPS library I receive nothing.

In the tutorial: At first the Serial Monitor will display a message like this: Testing TinyGPS library v. 9 by Mikal Hart Sizeof(gpsobject) = 103 After a while you should see position reports like the following:

Well the first thing pops up, but I don't receive the data..

Two things from the tutorial need to be done to get tinygps to work:

Fortunately we don’t have to interpret the information the GPS sends out ourselves as there’s a really helpful library TinyGPS that will do the hard work for us.

Install the TinyGPS library and then change the wiring so GPS pin 3 now connects to Arduino pin 2.

Then open the example sketch test_with_gps_device included with TinyGPS library from File > Examples > TinyGPS > Examples > test_with_gps_device.

Because the default communication speed of this GPS module is faster than some other modules you will need to replace the following line in the sketch:


with this line:


Upload the sketch, then open the Serial Monitor and this time make sure it is set to communicate at 115200 baud.

Otherwise no clue

Thanks for the reaction, but I've done that.. Seems the problem is somewhere in my serial connection.. When reading the output Serial.available(), it gives my always 0 as result. Even while the GPS has a fixed location

Does someone knows what the problem might be?

Posting your code and a clear picture of how things are connected is generally the way to get help.

Nothing said so far indicates whether the GPS TX output pin is tied correctly to the Arduino's RX0 input pin. Forget about TinyGPS and stick with the Quick Test code until you are getting the NMEA sentences.

You might want to post a photo of your GPS module wired to the Arduino board ...