GPS module that sleeps

Hello, I've been playing with the UBlox 6M GPS module, about $16 from ebay. It works well but doesn't seem to have any sleep functions built into the tinyGPS Arduino library.

Is anyone using a GPS module that can sleep? More importantly, where the GPS library supported by Arduino implements the sleep feature?


You can certainly implement a simple circuit to control the power to a GPS module. Turn it on when you need a location, and then turn it off again. How do you imagine a sleep function to work?

UBlox 6M does have a power saving mode but it looks like it still takes 11ma

Your best bet is either to do as jremington suggests and power it via e.g. a FET which you control using the Arduino,

Or you'll need though all the available specs on what GPS modules are available.

NEO-6M has power saving mode with 11mA current consumption according to the datasheet. But it is still an operating mode, not sleep mode. If you look at it's protocol spec, and search for "sleep", you'll find it does support sleep mode, but will need to send command to configure it.

How long will it take to re-establish its position after being powered down and restarted?

Does it matter if it takes a few minutes?