GPS module


I take part in a group who are going to build a Cansat. This is a project where we are going to build a satellite the size of a coca cola can. We would like to build a GPS system in the can. we just haven't found a good GPS module. Does someone maybe know a good working GPS module?

The GPS shouldn't be too large because he has to go inside the can. I think that we are going to use a Arduino nano processor because it is smal, so he has to be compatible with this processor.



GPS won't work at orbital speed/altitude.

Edit: I should qualify that; any GPS that you can buy and/or would fit in a Coke can won't work at orbital speed/altitude.


I forget to explain something. The Satellite goes 1000 meter high. He doesn't go out of the atmosphere.

So i think a GPS should work?

Are you aware of the atmospheric drag at orbital velocities at 1000 metres altitude? Not to mention the terrestrial drag, when you encounter a tall hill.

Yes i'm. I just need a good working GPS system.

You'l need one with an external antenna - GPS signals won't penetrate the aluminium of the can.

Here's what I would do if I knew absolutely nothing about 'cansat".

First I would google it.

Then I would find out who won last year.

Then I would find out what GPS module THEY used.

Oh! SiRF StarIII GSC3f/LPx-7989 Length:27mm, Width: 23mm accurate to 5m, weighs 10g, power: 75mw/3.3v

That's what I would do.

4D Systems make one that’s 13x10mm.

I haven’t used it though so can’t say if it’s any good or not.


Wow, that one looks way better, and only costs 25 bucks.

It'll run on 3.3 volts, and according to the data sheet, you can put an external antenna on it.

I'll make a bookmark to those guys in case I need to make a GPS project any time soon. Who am I kidding, I can so use GPS.