GPS Neo 6M Wakeup

I am receiving data from neo 6m gps receiver. Data comes in every second. But I want the data to come when I want it. I checked the datasheet, the receiver has an Extern Interrupt (Wakeup) pin. Is this something I want? If so, how can I use this pin? There is no information about using this pin.

IF you don't want GPS data, don't process it, just ignore it. Why do you want to stop it?

You can turn off all the standard NMEA sentences and then poll the GPS for location data.

But what would you want too ?

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I am making a project with mqtt. After getting the first data from GPS, I send the data to topic with sim800. What I want is to receive the data after the when packet sending end. The end of the packet arrival and the arrival of the new GPS data may not always coincide with the same time. If I am in the middle of the new incoming gps data, I will have to wait another second and get the new data.

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