gps program problem

can someone modify this to not to send the at commands on the receiver cellphone, cause everytime i run this code, the at commands also is being sent also to the receiver.

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial mySerial(7, 8);

void setup()
mySerial.begin(19200);  //Default serial port setting for the GPRS modem is 19200bps 8-N-1


void loop()

//mySerial.print("AT+CSCA=\"+919032055002\"\r");  //Setting for the SMS Message center number,  
//delay(1000);                                  //uncomment only if required and replace with
//the message center number obtained from
//your GSM service provider.
//Note that when specifying a tring of characters
// " is entered as \"

mySerial.print("AT+CMGS=\"+9184460xxxx\"\r");    //Start accepting the text for the message
//to be sent to the number specified.
//Replace this number with the target mobile number.
mySerial.print("Hello,Elecrow!\r");   //The text for the message
mySerial.write(0x1A);  //Equivalent to sending Ctrl+Z 

If you want to pay someone to do this, report your own post to a moderator and ask that it be moved to the "gigs and collaborations" section of the forum.

You might add a little more information about what you are really seeing on the receiver and what you want to see. The person who fixes this will also need to know which Arduino you are using and what other hardware you have, such as which GSM shield you are using.