GPS reciever

GPS reciever.

Im looking to use one of these.

I am finding it difficult to identify the connector though. Its used in RC models but i do not know its name or where to find.

Its the board mounted socket i want as in the picture.

These are questions for the vendor

According to the ad you linked, the unit includes:

Package Including: [u]1. 6pin 15cm dupont cable[/u] 2. VK16HX G-Mouse GPS Module GPS Navigation Board

How many connectors do you need?

Dupont connector. Is that manufactorer or name of connector ?

Im looking at a custom board which i will commision , with custom cables to aid assembly . No soldering wanted which supplied cable would require.

Question for vendor , perhaps if i speak chinglish.

No luck so far, vendor i have mailed suggests about 6 uk in quantity.