GPS self controled to a destination point

My name is "PéPé" (French from Quebec city), I am a mechanical engineer and familiar with electronics (not an expert though...). I am interested to create a self controled vehicle. I have seen a few projet on the web.

Here is a list of objectives:

  • I want the electronic to control to servo

  • I want to program a gps destination point.

  • I want the vehicle to self guide the two servos to the destination point and stop.

  • If some coding is available this would be of great help, as I have a pretty goood understanding of codes for modifications. But I am not a daily programmer.

  • As opposed to project seen on the web, I am looking for a slow trajectory correction (code advices might be required later on the project development.

Could you make a list of the best devices you propose ?
Price remains always a concern, please proposed low cost option et full kit option.

Thank you.

  • Finally and if possible, I would like the electronic device to be sourced at anytime using cellular network system... in a case where I would loose it. if included unboard camera would be also cool to record trials and errors. This last part could be done with a disassembled cellular phone + monthly cell activation, appart from the upper elements and codes described above.

Please provide links to the type of vehicle you are using.

What you want to do is possible, but your initial expectation may be a bit high as a starting point.

An Arduino will probably be only a small part of the eventual solution... read up on GPS, dead-reckoning, route planning, obstacle avoidance and other navigation topics.