GPS/sensor datalogging shield w00p w00p

after what seems like 2842 revisions I finished my GPS datalogging shield. Logging GPS & sensor data to a DOS-formatted SD card is basically at the very edge of the Arduino's capabilities but it -does- work. The design might be useful for people doing geo-locative art, surveying-style projects or just want to build their own datalogger. Theres also example code for putting the Arduino into deep-sleep for x seconds which may come in handy.
Im currently doing run-time power tests & will have precise numbers soon.

I love GPS!

Could not resist I had to order one. Let the games begin.


Would it be possible to stack an Xbee shield on top of this and transmit the data instead of logging it?


yes it would be pretty easy, im planning to do a demo of that at some point but ive been well, busy :slight_smile:

Sweet, thanks. It would be great to use it as a short-range GPS tracking device ... could really work well to locate a crashed RC airplane.



How accurate is this device? Can it output its GPS Coordinates via some kind of interface, preferably, Modbus?