[GPS] SKM53 + tinygps stop updating coordonate after ~20sec


First of all, thanks for the tinygps library to the author.

I bought 2 SKM53 from ebay

=> 1 is on my MEGA (using hardware serial1)
=> 1 on Pro mini 5V (using software serial)

They both do the same thing when I use the example from tinygps library (and also tinygps++)

After the first fix, it seems to work OK for ~20sec
After that every new line printed by println are the same for LONG LAT ALT they do not change at all.
The other lines changes (age increase to ~400/500, statelite update, time update; check sum update also (don't increase))

I am moving in my garden with my laptop to check is lat + lon are changing and nothing happen.

I dont get it, I need help

I don't post any code as it is exactly the code from the examples ! (except baud rate for skm53 is 9600 and on the mega the soft => hard serial change)

I did not find anyone descibing this problem or maybe is it somewhere in the middle of all the ppl having wiring issues !

Best regards

Me again !

I had a look on the NEMA serial output on the minipro and I think I see the same, lat + lon fix at the same value

I ordered another GPS (um6 something) to check.

After work I'm going to take the mega and my laptop arround the block to see if it a precision problem.

Did some testing yesterday

I switched from different library example, still the same.

  • The fix age + number of satelite are updating
  • Check sum is 95% not increasing
  • The lat + lon not changing after ~20sec

I walked down my street with my laptop and it was not changing.

I believe that the nema parsing is OK but the GPS is faulty ?, 2 GPS on 2 different board ?

I'm waiting my new GPS from another band and will post an update