GPS Speed 7-segment display

Hi everyone!

For a while now I am looking for a way to use a generic GPS module to show the maximum speed of my RC wing.

There are several threads out there regarding using a GPS module to show live speed on a LCD display, but that's not what I am looking for.

The essence of my project is that I want to use a pro micro to read out the maximum GPS speed and display it on a 7-segment display, until the program is reset.

I have the parts, but I am novice in programming, so I am looking for your opinion in terms of feasibility.

Thanks a bunch!

It is feasible and has been done.

Thank you for the YouTube link. Much appreciated!

Please post the link to the YouTube thread. Then everyone benefits from the suggestion... by someone... who didn't want us to know about the video?

Poor form.

Here's an example that uses my NeoGPS library, the smallest, fastest, most reliable and most accurate GPS library you can get. Be sure to read the tips for picking the serial connection to the GPS device. Many people start out with a bad choice and have trouble making it work.

If you want to try these libraries, NeoGPS, AltSoftSerial and NeoSWSerial are all available from the Arduino IDE Library Manager, under the menu Sketch -> Include Library -> Manage Libraries.

I posted a link to a bike LED speed display, before I realized that it did not use GPS. It seemed irrelevant, since there are millions of other Arduino/LED examples.