GPS/Telemetry with self-made flight controller

so basically im trying to find some insight on how i should integrate my GPS module into my FC, and find out what the easiest way to port any desired data out to my RC reciever. I want to use the stabilizing, gps, compass, and temp sensors to simultaneously control the multi rotor, and port data to a 2-way reciever, so that the info is at my hands. UART, I2C, SPI? What will provide the best ports, and will one be better for gps than telemetry? I dont know what software im going to use yet, but Im sure Ill know in the next 2 days.

It would be easier to help if you can provide more specific information. What are the models of your GPS, flight controller, sensors, receiver, transmitter, range required, etc? Links to data sheets, a schematic of your system, which Arduino are you using? There are just too many different examples of each part.