GPS Tracker for Camera

I find many plans and discussions about GPS tracking but not one that fits my need. Suggestions please. I can build things with Arduino and RPI and can code a bit.

My neighbor and I lost 4 trail cameras this year. Seems someone finds better uses for them. I want to build or buy a GPS tracker that sends location data once or twice a day. It must be hidden inside the camera and draw minimal power (run off the camera 6v battery and only fires up a few times a day). The cameras have space inside for a small circuit board. Camera batteries (3-4A) normally last about 4 weeks.

We think it's the same individual repurposing our cameras. If I can't get the cops on him I'd like to just go take it back where ever his using it.

Any ideas for a solution that may work? Already thought of booby traps and other nasty thing, want to keep it legal.

How far away are you from the camera?

Check out the GPS tracking dog collars for a ready-made solution.

My suggestion would be that you check the GPS tracking dog collars.