GPS Tracker

This is my first arduino project. I want to create a unit that has a button where a worker "clocks in". A light turns on indicating he is clocked in. He carries this device with him all day. It tracks his GPS position. The arduino sends the GPS data to a SQL server (where I'll extract information later).

On my SQL server, I'll have geo fences that indicate where the worker was (ie what field) which will allow me to code his labor hours to a specific cost center (ie crop). But I will not be doing this with the arduino.

It would be great to have this GPS data live; so I can see progress of different crews through an orchard. That means I need to connect all these arduino devices to a GSM network or WiFi all the time. OpenBTS? Create my own network? I do have WiFi P2P devices but to scale across 1000 acres would probably be best to use GSM.

So a few questions: What would this cost per unit in hardware? What kind of battery life should I expect? How small can I make this unit?

Also if anyone is willing to work with me shoot me a PM and I can work out some form of compensation. This is an industry game changer. No one in ag industry cost accounts well and these types of devices can change that.

I hate to be the noob but you've got to start somewhere :slight_smile:

Rather than building custom hardware and software you may be able to leverage the economies of scale by using cheap Android phones with a custom app.

Or buy/lease commercial trackers, like SPOT.

Or get all your workers to become radio hams and use APRS