GPS tracking project

THIS project is based on bike anti theft

Here i need a 4g gsm to send location to my own server (if it has gps it will be more desirable)

Can anyone suggest which one to use ?

As the power is drawn from bike battery i need a good micro-controller with deep sleep or less power consumption future i dont know which one to use?

i need to connect a gps module as well

Buy a GPS tracker used for cats and dogs and disguise it so it looks like it's part of the bike frame.

but those have monthly subscription , i should use their own service

i have server where i should get all the data , should be able to customize

If you do a Google search for "Arduino dog tracker" you will find lots of projects that do the same as what you are trying to do.

Whatever 4G thing you buy will also have a monthly description of sorts - to keep that SIM card alive.

No 2G available any more in your area? That's more than good enough for such trackers.