GPS transmitting and receiving

Hi all. I'm planning on building a audio board which measures temperature and humidity and to transmit this data from romote locations to a desktop machine in London. Any advise to the process and feasibility of doing this?

Tell us what resources the remote locations have at minimal:
Electrical power?
I imagine that the remote data loggers send data to a server and you visit a web page to see them or download them. Here is something I've been running to test my data logger hardware and software:

It is a bit crude but has graphs and data download link. Is this what you are trying to build? Got to build one piece at a time.

How does GPS fit into this?

Sounds like he is confuddled with GSM.

Not a good start to a project, to be sure! :astonished:

I'm still trying to figure the relationship between temperature and humidity and an audio board. Why does an audio board care what the temperature is?

You could use sparrows.

You could use sparrows.

Your recent replies are getting very good! :sunglasses:

You could use sparrows.

I like it !! Definite potential there (and it would get some of those blasted sparrows back to London where they belong)

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You could use swallows.[/quote]
African or European?

I don't know about sparrows, but it is well documented that chirping rate of crickets is linearly proportional to temperature.

But if the humidity gets too low, the crickets go dormant, or die.
better stick with the sparrows. although, swallows may stand a better chance against the hawks.