gps with google map

I did a simple project which use a gps module. My problem is that i need to pass the information from gps to google map and i don't know how to do it.

Any suggestions ?

Any suggestions ?

Aside from the GPS, what other hardware do you have? If you don't have an Ethernet shield, you'll need to send data to an app on the PC, and have that app send the data to google.

Even with an Ethernet shield, you may not be able to talk to google maps, if they use an https protocol.

From gps i can receive the longitude and latitude to pc. My problem is i don't know how to use this value to a google map. How to do this ?

If I remember correctly you 'simply' need to incorporate the lat and long in the URL to

The number before the 'z' at the end indicating degree of zoom.

if the solution is to incorporate the url , how to put a mark to the map ?