GPS with LED indicator

I am looking for some guidance as a beginner. I have linksprite gps shield and arduino uno. I want to have a green led which indicates that I am approaching a waypoint and a red led which indicates that I am moving away from my waypoint. I will use the haversine formula to calculate the distance from my intended destination. Its a simple first project for me and I am very interested in GPS technology. So far I have been able to used led with some resistors using the basic tutorials on this site.
What is the most simple way to do this. What resistors do i need and what pins do I need to put them in?

You already know how to use resistors to limit the current through an LED. Do that for the two LED pins.

Have you connected your GPS and gotten it to produce coordinates? That would be the next step. Someone has probably already done that before so do a Google search.

Thanks for the reply. So I can just use the same resistors and leds from last setup and put them in the same pins. Sounds simple. I have the arduino only for a few weeks and worried I could damage the GPS shield.

You should be aware that calculations using floating point variables on the Arduino are of limited accuracy, and this has a particularly large effect on GPS calculations.

First I heard about this issue with floating points thanks for pointing it out I will look into it.