Gradiometer project with Arduino Uno

Hi to the Forum,

I would like to use Uno for the folowing gradiometer Project.

Two Maximum 5 Volt square waves generated from two independed sensors varying from 50 to 120 Khz depending on the target in front of sensors, should be proccessed in a way that any Variation between pulses arriving from each sensor can be idendified as follows.

As Long a difference appears an optical sighn should be trigered, (for example a led).

As Long this difference exists an aural or optical sighnal according to pulse-to-pulse difference should be generated varying accordingly in brightness and/or tone at the Output.(Speaker).

All variations in frequensy arriving from both sensors should be ignored at the first 10 seconds after power up.

Can someone please help me on this Project as i am new in this enviroment?

Thank you in advance

Did the classroom instructor make all those spelling and grammatical errors, or are you paraphrasing the assignment?

Sounds like OP didn't genuinely come up with these hard-to-comprehend requirements. These sensors, do you have them in hand, or not? Where did you get these sensors?

Thanks for rplies, sensors are from Speake Ltd and they are FGM-3, Excuse spelling Errors the pc try to correct to german language

There is a German language section of the forum. Maybe those members will be familiar with the device.

Unfortunettely i am not speak german, anyway i hope that with all typing dificulties i will get an answer

anyway i hope that with all typing dificulties i will get an answer

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