Graphic representacion of tracked car variables

Hi there.
Im starting to help a school group with their project. It's an inertial car (no propulsion, just runs downhill with no power).
There is a yearly race here so they are participating. And the company that sponsors these races has several parameters to evaluate them, being "innovation" one of them (winning the race isn't all).
So I offered them a telemetry system to analyze and improve their driving after practising or real races
I will put together an Arduino Nano, a gyroscope, a couple potentiometers to measure brake and steering position, and a GPS for speed.
Also a SD card will log everything into a file.

After the race, the SD will be pulled out and dumped into a computer, so the logged data can be overlaid with the race video taken from a GoPro camera from inside the car.

And here's the part I'm missing. Is there a way you guys can suggest to convert lines in some form of CSV like:
1, 0.2, -0.5, 5, 3, 5, 2
2, 0.2, -0.3, 4, 3, 3, 2


be interpreted as ID, Accel x, Accel y, speed, turn, brake, or whataver, and output a displayed representation of these variables so I can see a rotating steering wheel, or a sliding brake pedal, etc over a black background, so I can overlay this to the recorded race video?

Thank you!!

be interpreted as

Interpreted by what?

Interpreted by the program Im asking for.
Some program that takes the logged data in the SD, and "paints" a moving steering sheel, brake pedal and arrow representing (and changing) the values read. So I can overlay this onto the recorded video

You will probably get more information on a Forum dealing with PC programming and graphics.

And there is more to it than just using the CSV data that you have listed. The graphic output also has to take account of time - unless you just want to produce a still image for every data set.

If you just want to produce a series of still images you could probably do it with any PC programming language that supports the creation of images - and most of them do. And maybe you could use the still images to build an animated GIF.


Yes there should be a time scale that I can control (how many lines a second should be interpreted/represented->fps) and I would have to sync it with the video.
Yes I will probably check on a Windows programming forum