Graphical LCD (JHD12864) with Arduino Due

Hello Guys,

I would like to know, whether JHD12864 is compatible with Arudino Due? I have doubt in the VIN of JHD12864 requirement. It says, 0.7 * VDD, which is 3.5V DC for VIN(H) where as DUE is working with 3.3 VDC. Ref:- Attached Datasheet

Will it work?


Graphics LCD JHD12864E Datasheet.pdf (210 KB)

That data sheet says that the logic level HIGH should be at least 70% of VDD, which can range from 4.5 to 5.5V. 70% of 4.5 is 3.15.

It says that the LCD itself operates between -0.3V and 7.0V, although how it can work with a negative voltage is beyond me.

Try it, and see. It can’t hurt anything trying top operate it at too low a voltage.