Graphical LCD problem with glcd library (I Need Desperate Wiring Help)

Please i need your help! I bought this LCD from ebay :
here are some pictures i took with my phone:

the glcd library says i need to connect my wires like this:
#define glcdData0Pin 8
#define glcdData1Pin 9
#define glcdData2Pin 10
#define glcdData3Pin 11
#define glcdData4Pin 4
#define glcdData5Pin 5
#define glcdData6Pin 6
#define glcdData7Pin 7
#define glcdCSEL1 14
#define glcdCSEL2 15
#define glcdRW 16
#define glcdDI 17
#define glcdEN 18

but for my screen i have different names as you see like this:
DB0 -> DB7

so i guess R/W=RW and EN=E but i have no idea which Pin is for CSL1 and CSL2 and also is RS=DI?
when i connect them like this (R/W=RW, EN=E, DI=RS, PSB=CSL1, NC=CSL2) and i run the examples from the glcd library i always get only this result for all the examples:

Please help me!!! i am desperate!!!!!what i am doing wrong???please i need your help!Every comment will be very useful for me!

That looks almost identical to a GLCD I am using. The giveaway is the PSB pin, which selects serial or parallel interface mode for the ST7920 controller chip.

The good news is that it can be driven in serial mode, which uses just 2 Arduino pins. The bad news is that it isn't compatible with older versions of the GLCD library, however I think GLCD 3 can drive it in parallel mode.

Here are some notes I made for driving it in serial mode:

// Pins for serial LCD interface. For speed, we use the SPI interface, which means we need the MOSI and SCLK pins.
// Connection of the 7920-based GLCD:
// Vss to Gnd
// Vdd to +5v
// Vo through 10k variable resistor to +5v (not needed if your board has a contrast adjust pot on the back already, like mine does)
// RS to +5v
// PSB to gnd
// RW to Arduino MOSI (see below for pin mapping)
// E to Arduino SCLK (see below for pin mapping)
// RST to +5v
// D0-D7 unconnected
// BLK to ground (or collector of NPN transistor if controlling backlight by PWM)
// BLA via series resistor (if not included in LCD module) to +5v or +12v

I have a serial mode driver for it, which you are welcome to have, but my driver isn't compatible with the standard GLCD library and uses 1K of RAM for a frame buffer. To drive it in parallel mode you need to connect PSB to +5v.

Thank you very much for your reply!
Could you please send to me the serial mode driver?i can try maybe it will be good for me too! maybe to my email :
Your notes works with your driver for the serial mode and without the GLCD 3 library?
I tried an other library for serial and parallel mode which i found here:
and it works but i can only write some text or load a bitmap with that library. I need to draw lines on the screen on specific place but i couldn't with that library. Any suggestion or help?

On its way to you. The library includes functions for drawing straight lines and circles. My notes are for using this library, I have never tried GLCD 3 with this device.

Sorry, at this point in time the st7920 is not supported by the glcd library.
See Oliver's U8glib:,91395.0.html

--- bill