Graphical Software For Programming Arduino

Can some one let me know any graphical software name for arduino board programming. Or is there any company which offers it in some cost.

Thanks in advance,Please help me on this.

any graphical software name for arduino board programming.

I don't understand the question. And this certainly isn't a programming question.

I am basically looking for an IDE which should have some drag and drop option like scratch software, for writing a program for arduino board.

The problem is that graphical software doesn’t have bucle

I have seen some attempts to convert state diagrams into state machines and things like that. Cant remember the details though. Generally speaking, graphical programming tends to produce large and inefficient code. And it is also less flexible. On a desktop computer/pad/pda with a fast processor and sufficient memory this is acceptable. On a system like the arduino with limited resources it is not advisable.

“bucle” ??

Maybe “loop”?
I think some graphical programming software does include loop features.

Lego had Drag & Drop programming for their robot software (NeXT Mindstorm or something like that). I didn't like it. I need words for programming, not pictures.

Try Ardublock.