Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Arduino

Hi Folks,

After a lot of hair-pulling work I'm finally coming to the point of finishing my Graphical User Interface for the Arduino. At the moment it only runs on Mac but with some help it shouldn't be difficult to port it to windows too.

What I really need are a few folk to beta-test it for me and wonder if anyone would be willing to try it out? I'm especially in need of folk who can help me test a PC version since I don't have a PC of my own.

Let me know if you're interested.



PM sent

I'd be willing to test a PC version for you.

I can test Windows XP SP2 and SP3.

I also have a laptop around somewhere with Win98 if needed.

I can help with VISTA 64

Lack of hardware doesn't need to limit your testing! VMWare Server dude... thats free... then run up a trial/demo copy of the various OS's you need and then you can test it on all the OS's you need ! :) Windows7 is also still floating around in Beta guise which is also free till June next year.

Regardless - happy to help with a PC Vista x64 test, Win7. :)

I'd be willing to test too.

I have a Mac but run Windows XP in Parallels.

i can help :) win 7 64bit :)

i can help to i got xp and windows 7