Graphical web page with Arduino

Hello, I am trying to have arduino continuously read data and send them over wireless internet with wifly shield for computer to view as webpage.
I have read about projects that has arduino act as web server and send output as text to web browser, but my question is how I can display graphs.

As I understand arduino cannot support such extensive html as server, so I was wondering if I can have arduino simply send data to remote server like pachube, and then process data as graphs?

I would appreciate any help. Thank you for your time.

Sure, the Arduino can send it's data to a remote server and that server processes the data to a graphical representation. If you google for "Arduino" and "pachube" you'll find lots of examples.

I just pushed a little project to GitHub that draws graphs from data logged to a database from the Arduino. The Arduino side is set up to use the Ethernet shield, so it's not a drop-in solution for your wi-fi project, but it will give you an idea of how it can be done.

The techologies used are: node.js, redis, and D3 for the graphs.

More here: GitHub - billroy/arduino-redis-datalogger: Node.js/D3 app to graph data logged to Redis by the BitlashRedisClient

More on Bitlash here:


One more thing: here's another little project that accepts and charts data from the USB serial port OR via the network in a POST body from a network client.

You could write a little client for the wi-fi shield to send data to it...