Graphics Chip SSD1963: White (0xFFFF) issue

Graphics Chip SSD1963: White (0xFFFF) issue

Hi guys,
I’m running an Taijiuino Due clone with a SSD1963 272x480LCD in 16-bit mode.
Most of the colors I have tested are fine except white (0xFFFF in 565-RGB mode) which often is replaced by black (0x0000) or its previous color of the pixel. I also tested several fonts which all work fine without the white hiccup.

The copper enamel wires are about 12…15 cm long which is abt. 4-5 in. During the first placing into operation I inadvertently hooked up the panel to 5V instead of 3.3V. Did this crash the chips?

My actual hardware connectivity is not exactly like the Henning Karlsen version but very similar and also I understood his register settings during initial phase which I tested later on - produces the same erronous result. Instead of C++ and the Ardino IDE I use C with AS 6.1.

Does one have an idea?

Hmm, it looks not. The fact that white works for fonts, but not for other graphics is odd - suggests a software rather than hardware issue, but given the problem is intermittent I wouldn't be quick to assume this. Pattern-sensitivity is often a hardware issue like ground-plane or decoupling or bad connection, or marginal timing.

You also have the complication of possible damage to consider, though the fact its otherwise working suggests it survived OK.

hi guys.

I'm using SSD1963 and 4.3TFT LCD. If you send data in ssd1963 SSD1963 white color does not work.

This problem is experienced only in white color. There is no problem in other colors.

What can I do about this problem?