Gravity: 1602 LCD Keypad Shield For Arduino

Hi, Got one of these v1.1, everything works fine, but i can't use Pin 0, and 1.
i am using a DS18B20 and on 13,12,11,3 and 2 it works but not on 0 and 1.
Anyone having this issue ?
something different to use this 2 pins?


On which Arduino? 0 and 1 are connected to Serial and used for USB communication on Uno or Mega for example (they are labeled Rx et Tx)

I am using an Arduino UNO board and the Pin 0 and 1 represent RX and TX respectively, for communication.

Yes but what is the OP using?


Guess that i have to use the analog inputs as digital outputs...

nothing wrong with that

That is indeed what they are.