GRBL + EasyDriver CNC project - What Sketch Do I Use?

What I’m trying to create is this type of setup- The layout shows an Uno, so I assumed that it would work for the board, and so I purchased two. I also purchased 3x Easy Drivers for my X/ Y/ Z steppers. For the software, I’m lookign to use this guy: GitHub - grbl/Universal-G-Code-Sender: A Java based GRBL compatible cross-platform G-Code sender.

My question, and the problem I’m running into though, is where the heck do I find the Sketch to upload to the Uno to make all of this work and communicate with itself? When I went through the GRBL files (on the link I posted above) I didn’t see anything, and I can’t seem to find anything online about what Sketch needs to be on there. If anyone could assist with this, it would really help me out a lot.

Thanks in advance!

As far as I can see that G-Code sender is the software that runs on your PC and sends G-Codes (from a file?) to the Arduino.

GRBL is the name of the software (the sketch) that runs on the Arduino. Google "grbl"


PS I'm interested in this subject but I haven't used GRBL.

Thanks Robin! Yeah, when you explain it like that, it makes more sense. What I found was this link: GRBL Arduino Library – Use the Arduino IDE to flash GRBL directly to your Arduino | It has you create a library for the Arduino Sketch application, and then load it in as an example. This takes all the guesswork out of creating/using the appropriate hex file.

I sent it to my Uno and it said that everything was uploaded correctly, however I won't know if it works or not until I have everything wired up correctly. What I plan on doing is ordering some of these guys from Aliexpress first: ... just in case I need to re-do the wiring a few times.

I had ordered some earlier, however I got the wrong pitch (the distance between pins), and they were much too large. These should be the right size for my EasyDriver boards though. Lesson learned (thankfully they're pretty cheap).

Let me know if you plan on doing something similar. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts and experiences too!

I am planning to add stepper motors to a small lathe to experiment with CNC turning and, hopefully, 3D printing. I have the motors and Pololu 4988 drivers.

I am being perverse, however, as I plan to write my own simple Arduino software and have the G Code interpreted by my PC. That is, a lot of the work that's done within GRBL will happen on my PC. This was mainly prompted by the complexity of the Arduino software for 3D printing. I believe the PC is bestter for the "heavy lifting". The only thing it can't do since parallel ports disappeared is control hardware with consistent timing - hence the role for the Arduino.

Initial tests leave me reasonably confident that my approach will work but the project has been on the back burner for a couple of months - may come back to the front shortly.