GRBL + EasyDriver CNC project - What to do with the enable pin on the driver

I've got a stepper motor connected to my EasyDriver which then recieves Step(pin2) and Dir(pin5) information from the Arduino Uno along with a ground. A 12V psu runs the motor via EasyDriver, and the Arduino receives its power from 5v USB.

Currently, GRBL has been uploaded to the Arduino and I am sending gcode with Universal Gcode Sender. I assume the Arduino is receiving the commands as either the TX or the RX lights up whenever I send a step. However the stepper motor won't budge.

The EasyDriver is powered and works fine when not run by GRBL, but when I try to control it using GRBL as opposed to just a simple Arduino sketch nothing happens.

I guess my question would be, how do enable the EasyDriver when GRBL is sending the commands?
According to this site: Connecting Grbl · grbl/grbl Wiki · GitHub
.. the enable pin on my stepper driver should be connected to pin8 in order for the commands to go through, yet simply jumping the two does nothing. I've tried grounding enable, ive tried jumping MS1 + MS2, ive tried grounding MS1 + MS2. Nothing I do seems to get the motor spinning with gcode.

Hope I explained my problem adequately, I would greatly appreciate any help!

Looking at the EasyDriver schematic it seems that it is enabled by default - and it is enabled when the enable pin is grounded.

That suggests that it should not be necessary to use the GRBL enable pin and also raises the question of whether GRBL treats "enabled" as high or low?

I suspect you may have another connection error.


frinds, i am using easy driver for my CNC project, while connecting it with 12V supply for my motors, ;i have found that board is over heating.
is that normal?!!!!, could any one can help me on this?
and also i have found that one of my board is working properly(x axis)0 when connected with grbl controller,( motor is rotating properly but over heating)
but when i am connecting my 2nd easy drive with same motor( x axis itself) motor is not working but some unusual stepping happens. pls help on dis.. whether the board ids damaged?..

Are you actually using an Easydriver ?
If not, tell us what you are using.

Post a link to the datasheet for the motor you are using

Stepper motor drivers do get hot - hot enough to burn a finger.
Stepper motors also run hot because they have the full current running even when stationary.

Have you correctly adjusted the stepper driver max current to match your motor?