GRBL for drawers

New guy here asking for some help. I am working on trying to use stepper motors as linear actuators for small drawers (~5lbs loaded). I have used linear actuators in the past and it always comes down to how slow they are and the size (relay shields, limit switches, etc.). I like the idea of being able to define the steps a steppers takes to open/close a drawer/door. I was able to load grbl and use GRBL Controller software to test the motors attached to a CNC shield. They all worked great, but now I want to set something up where I press a button (Nextion HMI touchscreen to an Arduino) and the drawer opens swiftly and accurately, then closes correctly. I am semi-familiar with coding for Arduino, but how would you propose I use the CNC shield and Arduino code to achieve this? I should note, I have a few motor shields, but have not been successful in getting the stepper to move using them. I appreciate any help or insight you might have.



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Here is an image showing which Uno pins go to which CNC shield pins. Note that the CNC shield holds the stepper enable pin [Uno pin 8] high so the steppers are disabled by default. Write a LOW to pin 8 (as OUTPUT) to enable the steppers.

cnc shield Uno pins.jpg

The CNC shield.

cnc shield Uno pins.jpg

Thanks Fungus! This actually helps me a lot!