GRBL + Joystick

anyone connect to grbl a joystick with arduino?

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What sort of joystick are you planning to use?

What do you want to use it for?

I think you would need a separate Arduino for the joystick and then it could send messages to the Arduino with GRBL.

Have you searched the various CNC Forums to see if this has already been done?


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Usually adding a wired remote of any kind is referred to as a “pendant”
There are various instances of adding a “pendant” to GRBL based machines.

Crazy for me to list them all so let Google do the talking for you as you may find something that is more suitable to your needs.

Quite often it may involve another Arduino such as the NANO or MICRO as they are often small enough to embed inside the pendant.

You may also want to google “offline controller GRBL” as there are also devices that allow other methods of remote control.


BTW a lot of joysticks may contain potentiometers and they are generally unsuitable for the task.