Great to see the announcement of the Uno Mini

but I need more details.
What is the pin spacing on the headers and will Dupont connectors fit in adjacent sockets?
What is the distance between the two rows of headers?
What shields will be made to fit them?
They are a bit pointless if you need a whole new set of components to be able to use them.

Could you change the title ? It is a Arduino "UNO Mini Limited Edition".
Here it says that it is half-pitch:

If you open the schematic viewer here:
and then click on the connector, then it shows that it is a SAMTEC RSM-110-02-L-S.


You're not supposed to use the thing, you are supposed to put it in a crystal glass case and admire it!

(Walks away shaking head in disbelief)

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So, its been designed to be ornamental?
Oooohhh! Pretty.

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