Greenhouse Climate Monitor

So I believe I am getting a little better at coding, electronics and arduino all together. It lead to making a simple web-hosted climate monitoring system for my greenhouse.

There are many more improvements to make, but for now I am fairly happy. The communication is one way for now...later I want to re-code the Nano and have the option to turn pins(devices) on and off by pressing buttons on the webpage.

The next step in the data analysis, I want to add a "day by day", a "week to week" and a "month to month" type analysis and possibly a rough forecast.

The mysql server struggles on the Pi when collecting and playing with such a large amount of data...but with only occasionally checking the data with one user, it may not be too bad.

I will think of ways to make the next step a little more streamline...probably having a python script running and filling a table for "day" averages once a day, saving the re-calculation each time the page is refreshed.