Greetings from a noob with big hopes and dreams!

Hello everyone. My name is Ray. I am from Michigan USA. I have been looking at the Arduino Uno for a couple of years now and my wife finally let me buy one. It arrives tomorrow. I am so excited! I just started off with a small kit and am planning on expanding my parts collection depending on my interest. I already program a bit in C so I kind of understand what's going in the code and I took electronics in high school for two years but that was almost 25 years ago. I'm hoping that this will be a hobby that will turn into both an educational experience and a passion since I am disabled and also unable to go to college. I would appreciate any advice or pointers as I start this journey. Also, I have a couple questions. I have both a windows machine and a linux machine. Are any of the two better for using the interface than the other? Also, will the programs stay in memory in the Uno module with the power off or does it require a constant power supply? Thanks in advance.



When you download a program, it goes into an EPROM that doesn't require power to store it. The program is held without power but not the variables (unless saved in EEPROM).

Also, once it is in there you cannot read it out to your PC. So make sure you save your program on your PC or it is lost!