Ground and power rails on perfboard, show me yours please

I am looking for some elegant ways on how to get some good ground and power rails going on my perfboard.

Use a bit of stripped cat-5 cable (solid conductor) and lay it along an entire row. When the rest of the component wires are in position then solder the conductor at all the needed holes and a few more if needed to prevent wire bending into adjacent pins on other rows.

I'm a big fan of stripboard over perfboard. The only time I use perfboard is when I need to make a two sided board (because of the plated through holes) or when small size is really important.

I did the thing Riva said on one perfboard project but it ended up looking pretty messy. I think it was partly because of the gauge of wire (~22 AWG) I used for the rails.

@Riva i have seen this done indeed. Not a big fan of cat5 cable but some sort of solid core cable is easiest i guess.

@pert, i do have a bunch of perfboard pieces laying around, so that’s what i have available for this project. Will have a look at stripboard for the future :slight_smile:

If you buy stripboard make sure to get the kind with the solder mask:

The bare copper style is a bit harder to work with and ends up not looking as good because the solder wicks along the traces.

Thanks, did not think about that, good to have those boundaries that way :slight_smile:

Thanks ted, i was looking for elegant ways people tried themselves. Most of those pictures are examples that horrifies me :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of it also stripboard and no rails to be found except for globunation of solder :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of it also stripboard and no rails to be found

Strip board is all rails, what do you mean?

just practice

I use prototyping board like this


Already has rails.

I designed these after being frustrated with the problems being discussed above, and being unhappy with the adafruit "permaproto" boards because of their small size and high price. They're all [url=[/url] Unfortunately, I've only got one all-through-hole 2"x4" board in stock atm - more will be in within 7-10 days - though I have plenty of 2"x 4" ones with a few SMD footprints on them, and . Obviously I'm biased since I sell these - but I think these are the best type of prototyping board.

Those green ones with no connections between the holes are awful - I've never seen anything made with them that didn't look like an awful mess. I always had trouble bridging adjacent holes when I wanted to (when I didn't want to, on the other hand...).

Strip board is all rails, what do you mean?

Most of the pictures are strip board. Also no rails to be found on the pictures. Bit wrong presentation of the sentence. English is not my moher language sorry.

Also no rails to be found on the pictures.

So what do you mean by rails then?
In English a rail is a straight connector that carries a power or ground signal.

Can you post a picture of what you think is a rail?

Are you thinking of a bus bar?

I use prototyping board like this

Those look very handy indeed.

And yeah, a kind of bussbar indeed. One place to bring all the ground to and one plce whete to tap al the vcc from.

Some ugly examples but probably the only way to do it i guess. Just be a bit more carefull and try to have it look nicer...

What about this:-

From my RFID Sequencer

Other examples of prototype construction on connected pages.