Ground issue

Hi everyone. Today i was trying a program "toggle switch" for toggle two led's with one push button (NO). When i push digital pin to ground using push button then led toggle easily. But when i make that pin ground using bc548b transistor then it dosent work. Why? Im using a remote control chip which receiver produce enough 5 volt for the transistor to turn on but it dosent toggle LEDs

Please post a schematic.

You have basically said:
I have wired stuff up and it doesn’t work.

For anyone to help you they will need to know how you actually wired it up and what is actually happening. Look up the forum guidelines (sticky at top of every section). It tells you how to best form a question, what information to include, how to post a picture and how to use code tags.


Here is a page with suggestions on how to approach all this "Where IS Ground" stuff:

You have basically said:
"I have wired stuff up and it doesn’t work."

Yep, that's it in a nutshell. :grinning: