Grounding Bars

Do you guys know of any grounding bars for perminent installlation?

I am talkign about the ones like you have in your home electrical box for neutral and ground, but smaller. I know I can just use a piece of wire, but that’s sloppy… I am mounting this on wood, so it doesn’t have to be insulated. I just need some power bars of different lenths for ground, 5V, and maybe 3.3v.

Again, they don’t have to be insulated, and I want 3 individual ones, not one single one with 3 channels.

Any help is greatly appriceated!

How about this:


Yeha, smoethign like that. I’m looking at their other products, and they look rigth for the job. Thanks!

You could also buy steel, copper or aluminum bar stock, drill it out, then tap the holes for screws. It would take a little bit of time and effort (and its a bit messy, what with the oil needed for tapping), but you’d get -exactly- what you wanted, and learn a new skill along the way. A tap/die kit from Harbor Freight is fairly cheap (less the $20.00).

You can also get individual taps and matching drills from your local hardware store. If you only need a couple of sizes, that might be cheaper than even going to Harbor Fright for a set.

Vector used to make a “bus strip”, perforated on .2" centers, for adding power busses to wire-wrap boards. Not sure whether they’re made of copper or someother metal, but they’re nickel-plated, and much heavier than a standard PCB trace (I’m guessing at least 2-3x). They’re good for soldered “bus bar” use in LED arrays and such. Dunno if they’re still available.