Grove 6-Axis Accelerometer & Gyroscope, SPI Connection

Hello there,

In my current project I am using a Grove 6-Axis Accelerometer & Gyroscope module. I want to use the SPI-Mode instead of the I2C-Mode. I cannot figure out how i have to connect the wires or to activate the mode. It is clearly written that one can use both modes but for me it is unclear how.
I attached the documents, I was looking through, in hope to find the solution.

Thank You :-*

EDIT: BTW, I found that I have to enable pin 12 (page 18)... cannot figure out how to do it...

LSM6DS3TR-DataSheet.pdf (1.4 MB)

Grove - 6-Axis Accelerometer&Gyroscope v1.0-Œª∫≈.pdf (8.87 KB)

Grove - 6-Axis Accelerometer&Gyroscope v1.0-SCH.pdf (21.5 KB)

Well the pin 12 thing is easy

const int chipSelectPin = 7; // or whatever pin you used to connect your Arduino to pin 12 of the LSM6

digitalWrite(chipSelectPin, LOW);

SPI.transfer(dataToSend); // send/receive trough SPI

digitalWrite(chipSelectPin, HIGH); // take the chip select high to de-select:

Regarding SPI. Do you want 3 wire SPI or 4 wire SPI?
I do not know what Arduino you are using.

The SCL pin (13) needs to be connected to your Arduino SPI CLK out.

You might need to open J1 see schematic (this is connected to ground) and get a wire from Pin1 to your Arduino SPI Data In

Pin14 according to the table is SDI this needs to be connected to your Arduino SPI Data Out