Grove GSR sensor vs. coin sensor?

What is the difference between the Groove GSR sensor and a copper coin connected with wires to the Arduino?
Is one safer or is there a benefit to getting the Groove GSR sensor?

Thank you!

What is a Groove GSR sensor?
Link to data/specs?

What are you trying to do with a coin with wires to the Arduino?

What model Adruino are you using?

What is your prjoect?
What is it supposed to do?

Thanks... Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

Hi @spark025 .
The difference is the material, the GSR is nickel.

RV mineirin

Also, the Grove GSR sensor has an amplifier? buffer? with adjustable sensitivity.

Thank you all for your replies!

I am trying to implement the Grove GSR sensor to my Arduino. I do not have male to male wires, but can I use regular breadboard jumper wires as a substitution?

Thank you!

Hi @spark025

Because of the "simplicity" of the question, the answer must be simple.
You can.

RV mineirin

Thank you! Is there any difference between the male to male and breadboard jumper wires or are they the exact same thing?

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