Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor Pro not working more than 120cm


I have Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor Pro running on Grove - Base Shield with Arduino UNO. info is displayed on LCD monitor.

Problem is Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor Pro is not working futher than 120cm from the Shield. Any sensor is running on 80cm cable. i've connected LCD Monitor & it's working on this 120cm cable, but not the Sensors.

Datasheet reads that Sensors should work on 20m lenght, but mine not working on more than 80cm.

What can be the broblem?

What can be the broblem?

Maybe you need to have shielded cable?

Do you have a link to the datasheet of the grove sensor? And a link to the shield in question? The more information you give the more precise the answer can become...

It's ethernet cable. It work with Sensor on 80cm. But not 120cm. Grove - Serial LCD wiorks on this 120cm cable and clock module also works on it. I have Grove - Base Shield

info for the Sensor Datasheet is for DHT22