"Grow Chamber" Seeking Freelancers.

Hello my name is David. I am undergoing a project in building a grow chamber. I have already built and tested the chambers and now I wish to use an Arduino to control it.

Basic function will be a Thermostat controlling heat relay and cooling relay. Then I will need 2 to 4 other relays on timers and then 2 servos which can go 0deg to 180deg in 4 or 5 increments.

Parts list;
Nextion 7" enhanced HMI Arduino Mega
DHT 22 temp/humid sensor
8 5v relays
2 servos will be the bulk of the build.

I have already designed the Nextion intereface and have all the parts. What I will need is someone with coding ability to spearhead this project.

Please feel free to ask any questions or even critique my build. I am new to Arduino but I am very familiar with fabrication and producing a product.

So this goes out to that special freelancer looking to put his stamp on a project.

Any help is good help. Thank you so much guys.


The usual question: What’s the budget?

The next question, which always perplexes me when I see posts like this is, why did you select hardware instead of letting your freelancer do it? Now you've locked yourself (potentially) into a path that may end up costing you 5x what it should.

e.g., your basic function could be accomplished with a $30 thermostat.

As I had said any help is good help. So I do very much appreciate all spectrums of opinions. With that said you all are the ones with the knowledge here and I come as a experienced fabricator seeking your knowledge on the best way to approach my build. I chose Arduino as I had stated in my introduction post as a newbie that I have been watching this community grow for years. Often I come to Arduino to see what updates have been made and the progress that has been made. Just now am I able to enter into this wonderful world and I choose Arduino mainly due to the community and support this place has. So with absolute and total respect I say thank you for any help given.

Now with all of that bundled up your absolutely correct Cedarlakeinstruments in your comment. I agree with you 100%. In the start of all of this I had purchased the hardware and signed up online to some courses for the Arduino. So I can have so type of grip of what is going on. I did figure I could handle a thermostat and a few relays. I have completed one class and am currently working on the second class. Now I have learned a whole lot about the Arduino and the language used to program it but mainly what I have learned is I'm gonna need one of you guys who are pros at this to write the sketch. I am not worthy. I can try, I can attempt but debugging is out right..

With all of that said I have been contacted by a few freelancers now and I have assured them that hardware design will be in his control. My partner and I can handle the HMI interface, PCB's required, CNC machining parts, 3D printing parts etc.

So in the end I did purchase some parts that the freelancer I chose wants changed and I have told him we will do what he recommends. Maybe I'm out a little money but I got this cool ass Arduino Mega sitting here lol.

I respect your opinions so thank you for any input.

As for choosing Arduino. I am aware there are some other quality options for microcontrollers. I would really like to use the Arduino in this project due to the fact that again I have watched this place grow along with other places like Adrupilot / Pixhawk and such. I have been following this technology for awhile now waiting to be a part of it. Arduino community feels like a good fit for me. I know some of you are quick to correct and possibly heavy with the lashings but I like that. Clearly most of you feel comfortable here and I can tell that by from what I have seen over the years.

A little about me I am from Alaska. I am a welding inspector who was a welder / fabricator for 15 years here. Projects are just kinda my thing like a lot of you guys. Now I get to dabble in some microcontrollers and I find that extremely exciting.

This will be a great project.

Happy New Years.

Freelancer contacted. Problem seems Solved.

int $Discussed = (“Private”)

if Pay =>$Discussed;
serialPrintln (“SketchWillBeWritten”);

else if pay <$Discussed;
serialPrintln (“Take A Hike”);



Somehow I don't get it. Is it solved?Is it not solved? Well...

Yes sir I have been contacted by a freelancer and he has been selected for Stage 1. Provided all goes well and I assume it will we will probably be staying with him throughout the duration of the project. With that said you are welcome to review the message about the build that I have sent you and tell me what you think.

I was told to post Solved. I am new. Is there an official way of doing that or just say it? My previous post was trying to be humorous.

Thanks guys.

Thanks for the reply.

Coming at this from the "provider side" it definitely helps to understand the other perspective. I suspected as much that the driver for having hardware already was that people make an attempt and run out of time to complete the project, but it's far better to know if this is happening instead of guessing. It will definitely be helpful to know this when trying to understand the motivations of people who contact me to build their projects.

Thanks again and good luck with your project.