Grrrrr, Spam

What has gone wrong with the spam filters on here as there seems to be a lot more lately.

The 20 second rule on reporting spam to moderators is also pissing me off, does it have to be so long?

What is the "20 second rule"?


You have to wait when reporting multiple posts. Otherwise your spam report is seen as spam...

I guess spammers have used it to sell products directly to moderators, lol.

We still take additional steps (other than deleting the account and removing the spam posts). Hopefully they slow the spammers down a bit.

StackExchange lets people with sufficient rep remove the spam themselves without moderator intervention. That sounds like a reasonable idea.

I submitted a variation on that concept at least twice to the Arduino Forum developers over the last couple of years. No response.

Remove/lock the message and maybe also lock the account so moderators can delete/enable the account again and re-instate the message should it be found deleted in error. This would also help with xposters.