Grub screw too long?

The grub screw found in C23 is 5mm long, that means that the motor can't turn when the brass nut has been attached even though I have made sure that the screw is up against the flat side of the motor axle.

Am I doing something wrong or is the screw too long?

My printer also included a long screw and I had to replace it by a shorter one (I took it from a potenciometer). You can try to cut it...


Regards, Jose.


The correct length of the grub screw should be 4mm

If you didn't get one, I'll make sure one is sent to you.

I ended up cutting the screw with a Dremel, that worked fine.

Then I forgot all about my post here, sorry. Thanks for the replies.

Later I found that bag C9 contained many short grub screws, I was only looking in bag C23 as that was the one with all the other parts for the step I was working on.

Kim R. T. Hansen

Ok. Good to know.