GS8206 Addressable LEDs

I'm trying to use the ALA library (meant for WS2812 /WS2811 compatible light strips) to control my light strip, I'm not new to coding but I am new to using Arduino to control LEDs. I appear to have addressable LEDs called GS8206, my thought was that since they are addressable, the library should work. If this isn't possible with the ALA Library, could someone link me to where I could read about controlling GS8206 LEDs?

To add clarity: I currently use an SP501E controller with works with my light strip

Hi @Topher264 when I first read your question, shortly after you posted, I did a Google search for "Arduino" and "GS8206" but did not get any promising matches. 6 days later, no-one else had responded. I think this is bad news.

The library you mention does not list GS8206 in the types of LEDs for which it is compatible, and I found no other Arduino library which claims to be compatible with this type of LED. It is possible that GS8206 LEDs are designed to be a replacement with some other type of led for which there is an Arduino library. It might be a good idea to search Google to find out if that is the case.

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