gserial - Library for communicating with Arduinos (and other things)


I'm a big fan of the Vala programming language and the Gtk+/GLib/Gobject suite for developing GUIs and desktop PC software. I've also used NodeJS/Electron to develop cross platform GUIs, but for various reasons, I keep coming back to Vala/Gtk+. I use Vala/Gtk+ to create software for both Linux and Windows (using MSYS2).

However, I couldn't find a suitable cross platform library for opening and using serial ports so I decided to make one. gserial is written in C but there are bindings for Vala, Python and Javascript. It will compile on both Windows under MSYS2 and Linux. You can use this to communicate with an Arduino and create a nice user interface for it.

The main reason I'm posting this here is because I completely forgot about gserial for a couple of years, and then recently rediscovered it and thought 'hey maybe someone else will find it handy'. I'm very well aware of how few people actually use Vala/Gtk+ but you never know


This looks really friggin cool! Made a C++ library similar to this, but yours is a lot more comprehensive. Definitely interested.