GSM alarm sender

I need hjelp making a program to ny Arduino alarm. I need 8 inn and 1 Out. And when the Out is trigged the GSM moduler should send a SMS text. All part is Arduino.
Is there some who can send me a scetch?

Best regard Svein Runar.

Okay the following may help you., if you haven't already looked at these, I would start.

  1. look up AT commands for your GSM module including version
  2. Look at serial communications.
  3. look at doing something when a pin is high/ low
  4. look at outputs, but an output can trigger another device rather than itself send a message out.
  5. look at voltage dividers, alarm panel outputs are much higher dc voltage than an Arduino would take typically around 12V going to 0V, but you can check what your unit will safely accept.

No one on here is going to be able to help you FOC, without you putting some sort of effort in.

The information to get you started is definitely out there, but it can be a minefield as some information out there is incomplete and requires further digging to understand why something does or doesn't work.

Firstly what components are you using? (All parts are arduino is way too vague).

What have you got so far regarding a sketch on this?

This is by no means a complete list, nor step by step guide.

No chance to write a sketch based on the information provided. Not only are the requirements not defined (just some vague references to inputs, outputs and an SMS message), nor is there any info on the hardware in use. When that's done, it'd still depend on how much you offer for the work.