GSM and GPS modules for arduino mega

I want to develop a vehicle tracking hardware for my website project. I have an arduino MEGA 2560,, I dont know which GSM and GPS module will be better and easy to use? can i connect both at a time? if not then what should i do?
Also provide me with hardware interfacing help if possibel, thanks!



i have developed a website, itegrated Google maps over it. As for as the hardware side is concerned, i am zero. My background is Computer science, so i dont know which GSM and GPS modules to use, will they be compatible or not? cost effective or not? etc.......!!


well for updates, twice or thrice a minute is wnough, even once a minute is also good. And for GSM, every update should be sent through GSM (GPRS will be more preffered, by sending HTTP request or something like that so that updates should be directly uploaded to server ) , It is not a protype for production for now, its my Final Year Project, i am a student of BS Computer science,! And i dont require an SD card , i require GPS co’ordinates on my server to be saved in my database frequently so that i can show them on google maps!