GSM Basic configurations

Hi I am new to GSM networks and Modems in general. I am working on a arduino project ( I have a gsm modem that i paired with a ting sim card(t-mobile network). I have already trudged through understanding general AT commands, rs232, serial com ports ect; so my journey has brought me far. I am currently unable to connect to the network in order to verify that my device is working. More than liekly i am missing some nov configuration step, but i have yet to find it on any google search as most nov issues are hidden in side discussions to greater issues. here are some basic at commands and their results.

at+csq : 99,99
at+creg?: 0,2
at+cpin?: ready
at+ipr : 9600
at+cgmi: wavecom modem
at+gmm: multiban G850 1900
at+gcap: +cgsm, +fclass