GSM boards as standalone boards

I have a project where I need to send the data from a logger to email. As of now I'm using an Arduino Uno and an A6 GSM module but that's just for prototyping. I'd like to create a custom PCB of the project but is it possible to use an A6, SIM800 or any other similar modules as a standalone board meaning that I get to upload my code to the GSM module and use it as a microcontroller for logging my sensor data? This would (probably) make my project cheaper and also easier to build.

You need a GSM module containing controller fascilities. Find it!

You need a GSM module containing controller fascilities. Find it!

I've been trying to find one for a couple of days now but I haven't found one. The closest thing I got was a Particle Electron prototyping board which isn't really what I'm looking for. I was thinking of a single small chip such as the SIM800 is

Perhaps the question that I wanted to ask would be that is there even such a module for a relatively affordable price?

Try this link for the popular SIMCOM modems (some of them have on board processing power, but maybe not enough RAM for logging applications

[Application Tutorial](http://" Application Building Tutorial_Application Note_V1.00.pdf") (PDF)

As a note to anyone who might have the same question - after some deep digging I found that there are some unofficial SDKs for SIMCom modules and also an official SDK for SIM7000x series but I also found that the A9 module from Ai-Thinker has an official SDK (link).
Also I believe Telit has modules programmable in python.

Good work!