GSM/GPRS module and PPP protocol

-----------GPRS/GSM for ARDUINO at low cost for WEB connection/SMS/callings---------

I found a low cost GSM/GPRS module such this used in this project . it can be used for both SMS, calls and internet acess via GPRS for only $25 This module is a perfect add on to ARDUINO for GSM/GPRS communication The only problem with GPRS connection to acess WEB is that this module need to do the PPP negotiation for getting WEB acess

Using AT commands over serial port after doing the ATDT*99***1# it get the CONNECTED, bellow is the link with a sniff of serial port for the process to connect to site and receive it. (using the module software

Any one as the knowledge how the PPP negotiation is implemented? According to the protocol . The frames start and end with 7E (Hexadecimal) flag as we can see bellow. Any ideias are welcome for a kind of emulation for get GPRS connections(PPP negotiation) on arduino via serial port.